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FontExplorer X Pro 3.0 available for the Mac


Monotype Imaging Holdings, a provider of text imaging solutions, and its subsidiary, Linotype, have introduced version 3.0 of FontExplorer X Pro ( or the Mac.

New capabilities include a transparent font slideshow feature, which allows users to place text over an existing document in a preview window and change the desired fonts automatically. A new “character toolbox” capability displays information on the languages supported by a particular font, in addition to specific characters available.

Other new features include the ability to compare fonts relating to their ink and paper consumption during printouts. An “ad-hoc groups” function facilitates a simpler approach to organizing fonts. Users can also choose a selection of fonts that can be organized into a group or intelligent set. In addition, support for French has been included in FontExplorer X Pro 3.0.

Updates of new plug-ins that support programs such as the Adobe Creative Suite applications are now independent of FontExplorer X Pro release updates. Fonts hosted on a server are now downloaded automatically by the plug-ins on demand. Character sets may be imported directly from Suitcase Fusion 2 or 3 software, as well as the FontAgent Pro application. Plug-in support for the QuarkXPress 9 application is also built in to FontExplorer X Pro 3.0.

Logos and images can now be included when printing a choice of fonts. In addition, the feature, “search document for fonts” has been updated to provide more detailed search results.

Customers who have licensed FontExplorer X Pro after Jan. 1, 2011, may receive a free upgrade to version 3.0. Customers of 2.x releases may purchase an upgrade for US$29. A valid FontExplorer X Pro serial number is required when downloading the version 3.0 upgrade. FontExplorer Pro 3.0 is available at $79 for a single user license.

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