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Eye-Fi launches Eye-Fi Mobile X2

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Eye-Fi ( has launched the Eye-Fi Mobile X2, a new 8GB wireless memory card empowering cameras around the world with immediate uploading capabilities.

The Eye-Fi Mobile X2 provides instant uploads anywhere by wirelessly connecting the camera to a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, and is available later this week for US$79.99. Also, later this week, Eye-Fi will be releasing its Direct Mode and accompanying iOS and Android apps as free upgrades to its line of Eye-Fi X2 cards.

With Direct Mode, users can enjoy the best of the devices they already own, namely the quality of digital cameras and the ubiquitous connectivity of their mobile devices, says Jef Holove, CEO of Eye-Fi. The Eye-Fi card can now establish a direct connection to the mobile device by creating its own Wi-Fi network anywhere users capture memories, even if that is miles from a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Eye-Fi Mobile X2 will be available for pre-orders immediately on, and available at Apple and Best Buy stores nationwide for US$79.99 on April 17. Direct Mode will be available as a free upgrade to all Eye-Fi X2 cards later this week, along with accompanying free mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. The Eye-Fi Pro X2 will be reduced from US$149.99 to $99.99 starting this month.

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