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Bruker’s TopSpin SMR available for the Mac


Bruker is welcoming Apple users to its TopSpin NMR software. Mac OS X joins Windows and Linux as supported operating systems for Bruker’s TopSpin processing software, providing NMR scientists in academia and industry with the ability to use the operating environment of their choice.

Entirely programmed in the native Mac OS X environment, the new TopSpin software — which costs US$99 for a student license — caters to Mac users’ familiarity with the unique and intuitive characteristics of that operating system, while maintaining the proven capabilities, look and feel of TopSpin, says Bruno Guigas, director for NMR software at Bruker. Incorporating a comprehensive range of NMR data analysis, processing and simulation features, TopSpin includes modules for efficient small molecule characterization and structural biology research, he adds.

“The Bruker NMR Guide offers integrated access to experiment descriptions, literature references, a comprehensive search engine and example spectra,” says Guigas. “New users will immediately be comfortable with the familiar Mac OS X environment, and will find Topspin’s user interface similar to popular programs.”

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