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The New Logic Studio Unveiled By, a company that specializes in tutorial videos for Apple software, has announced an exclusive first look ( at the New Logic Studio.

“ is known for our dedication to Logic Studio education. Because of this, Apple has provided us with a world exclusive first look at the next version of Logic Studio,” says founder Martin Sitter. “What’s more, we’ve been given permission to unveil some of the best new features that will be included in this amazing update to our favorite audio editor!”’s publisher, Steve H, has put together a detailed tutorial video demonstrating some of the key features in the new Logic. In particular, he provides a comprehensive overview of the revolutionary “Smart Music” plug-in. Using the latest generation of predictive DSP processing, Smart Music analyzes the songs in your iTunes Library to automatically generate new music in your own particular style.

With Smart Music, Logic Studio now synthesizes songs and writes music for you, based on your own musical preferences. Smart Music “virtually” guarantees that any person using Logic can write hit songs, with almost no user input, Sitter says.

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