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iBuildApp offers free digital company for the iPad

Silicon Valley-based startup iBuildApp recently added an iPad publishing solution ( to their suite of iPhone templates designed for the non-coder. The solution has templates, is automated, and totally free to create and update. See it here:

The solution also delivers a good experience for the reader, says Rafael Soultanov of iBuildApp. When someone swipes from page to page they can choose different stories to read. Images are vivid and video is optimized, Soultanoy says. If a reader wants to comment or share what they’re reading, they just tap a button.

Soultanoy says the publishing app takes just 2-3 hours to create and publish content. Just copy/paste content into the pre-made templates for the iPad, for free. The iBuildApp iPad solution will be integrated with other CMS platforms such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. It simply requires snippets of code from iBuildApp to be inserted into the CMS code.

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