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Native Instruments releases Maschine1.6

Native Instruments ( has released Maschine1.6, a free update of its computer-based music production system. With the addition of plug-in hosting for Instruments and effects, the new version expands the scope and functionality of the system.

Maschine1.6 also includes a free download of the new Komplete Elements  bundle, and adds a other new features for studio production and live performance. With added support for VST and AU plug-ins, Maschine1.6 widens its creative possibilities, turning the system into a full-featured instrument host, according to the folks at Native Instruments.

Both the whole range of Komplete Instruments as well as all third-party Instruments and effects can now be used directly in Maschine, complementing its integrated sampler and FX features. Due to an “Auto-Mapping” function, plug-in parameters are pre-assigned to the high-resolution knobs on the Maschine controller, allowing for sound tweaking directly from the hardware.

The 1.6 update also includes a free download of the new Komplete Elements Instruments and effects collection. Based on the engines of Kontakt, Reaktor and Guitar Rig, it contains over 1,000 production-ready sounds selected from the studio-standard Komplete 7 bundle, including Abbey Road vintage drums, Vienna Symphonic Library orchestral sounds, an assortment of sampled band Instruments, various Reaktor-based synthesizers, an assortment of amp emulations and effect pedals from Guitar Rig and more.

Further enhancements in Maschine1.6 include an increased number of effect slots, a new “Pad Link” feature, individual swing per sound, clip and sample renaming, expanded drag and drop functionality, support for up to 32 audio I/O channels, full Mac OS X 64-bit support, and a range of detail optimizations.

The 1.6 update is available as a free download for all owners of Maschine; for new users the cost is US$699.

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