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iPhone/iPod touch/iPad apps for March 23


Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps. You can find ’em at the Apple App Store (

Towers Watson, a global professional services company, has announced TWGlobal50, a searchable application for the iPad. The free app is designed to provide human resource and benefit professionals with instant access to critical human capital data from around the globe. The TWGlobal50 app is purportedly the HR industry’s first-of-its-kind solution — providing searchable human capital data for 57 countries.

Office Depot, a provider of office supplies and services, has released the company’s free iPhone app. It’s part of the “Office Depot Anywhere” strategy that aims to help customers shop at their convenience through a variety of mobile platforms and m-commerce-enabled sites. Office Depot has also enabled for mobile commerce and browsing, even if a customer is using a non-iPhone or Android mobile device.

The Tiger Woods Foundation and Shotzoom, which specializes in active lifestyle mobile applications, has launched Tiger Woods: My Swing ($9.99) for the iPhone and iPod touch. It helps golfers of all skill levels improve their swing through video analysis and instruction from Tiger Woods. The app integrates with the world’s largest active golf community,, where members share and compare scores and receive detailed insight into their performance over time., an online travel agency, has introduced Expedia Hotels, a free iPhone and iPod touch app developed to give travelers a way to research, filter and book hotel rooms from their mobile device. This is the first app introduced by Expedia since the company acquired Mobiata, the mobile travel apps powerhouse, in November 2010. Expedia Hotels is the first in a series of mobile initiatives that the company will roll out in 2011.

Capparsa has debuted Compositions 1.01 for iOS devices. It’s a $0.99, multiplatform, Dropbox-enabled text editor app focused on content creation. It features a minimalist interface.

Toon Boom Animation has served up Flip Boom Lite for the iPhone and iPod. The free app lets your fingertips doodle, scribble or draw animations.

Dobsoft Studios has unleashed Bull Stampede Pro ($0.99) and Bull Stampede Lite (free) for iPhone and iPod touch devices. The game features a scaling difficulty level that increases as the user plays, while the “Macho Meter” mechanic gives the player a chance to slow the action down again. While dodging the oncoming bulls the player will also encounter damsels in distress and have the opportunity to rescue them.

Duck Duck Moose has rolled out Word Wagon 1.0 for the iPhone and iPod touch. The US$1.99 app introduces letters, phonics, and spelling to children in preschool, kindergarten, and first grade. Mozzarella the Mouse and Coco the bird play with children, while teaching them letter names, letter sounds, and words. Word Wagon includes 103 words, including 44 Dolch sight words. Children can choose words from seven different categories.

Following the success of Burn the Rope, Big Blue Bubble has announced a partnership with startup Krot and Enot in the arrival of their latest joint effort, Animal Pop! It’s a $0.99 bubble popping bonanza game in which you pop bubbles to save pets. Pop two or more bubbles of the same color to float all of the animals to the top and win.

DK Eyewitness Travel has published five new travel guidebook applications for the iPhone and iPod touch. They’re available for Amsterdam, Berlin, Florence, Prague, and San Francisco for $6.99 each.

Gormaya has updated Conversions for Cooking for iPad to version 2.0. The $1.99 cooking app features a list of equivalents tables. You can view tables of US dry and liquid volume, Imperial volume, temperature and weight measurements. You can also input data for quick conversions. Version 2.0 adds a calculator-like input for custom values that minimizes the taps needed to convert a value.

Sean Berry has announced Algebra Touch 1.2 for iOS, an update to his $1.99 iPhone and iPad app for learning and practicing algebra. Algebra Touch features 20 interactive lesson topics and the ability to create unlimited new problems. All actions and responses are touch activated and animated. The update offers more advanced algebra lessons, with new support for distribution, factoring out expressions, and the associated complexity boost.

Code Redman has rolled out Blackjack 88, their fourth major release exclusive to the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. It’s a free version of the casino card game also known as 21. The aim of a hand is to get to 21 or as close as possible without going over 21, known as “bust.”

Fireflame Games has updatedDungeon Raid, their $2.99 puzzle/roleplaying game for iOS devices, to version 1.3. Dungeon Raid puts the player in the shoes of a dungeon-delving adventurer, collecting resources and killing enemies by tracing a sequence of matching tiles. The 1.3 update adds an extra layer of gameplay via 10 unlockable character classes, as well as 75 Game Center and OpenFeint achievements.

iCandyApps has released Calculator +2 for iPad. Featuring both basic and advanced modes as well as two additional themes, the $0.99 app lets you perform a variety of calculations. Basic mode is designed to help users do regular calculations, while the Advanced mode is for more scientific calculations.

Geniein has updated Contacts — All in One for iPhone and iPad devices to version 1.5. The $0.99 app was created to offer busy mobile users the option of centralizing and streamlining their many channels of communication, including e-mail and texting into one app. Version 1.5 includes an improved version of the developers’ Pattern Keyboard technology to help users write messages as effectively as possible.

Text’nDrive has driven Text’nDrive for iOS to version 2.2.2. Designed to help reduce the number of accidents caused by drivers distracted by their cell phones, the free app uses an intelligent, multilingual text-to-speech technology allowing motorists to listen to texts and emails.

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