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Mixamo fast tracks character animation for Unity developers

Mixamo ( has announced the integration of Mixamo’s online animation service within the Unity Asset Store digital content marketplace.

Mixamo’s ever-expanding repository of animation is now accessible to developers immediately in the Unity development platform via a free plug-in, providing an in-editor means to browse, customize and purchase character animation.  A walkthrough of the process can be viewed at .

Game developers can now animate characters in an intuitive and flexible way right inside Unity, while at the same time tapping into thousands of professional animations and motion capture data, says Mixamo co-founder and CEO Stefano Corazza. A user can simply select a character from their game project and browse the animation collection to find the perfect motion, previewed directly on their character, he adds. Customization is done via a slider control system, to suit the animation dynamic users are looking for.

For the initial release, animations can be purchased at a promotional price in Unity .anim format, while the full FBX is always available on the website.

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