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LightWorks Author provides rendering enhancements in TurboCAD Pro 18

Lightworks ( says the latest release of TurboCAD Pro software features “significant enhancements” based on the Lightworks Author product.

Lightworks Author — the company’s integrated rendering source — provides customers with a product suite to enable the creation of a range of rendering solutions for all types of market and application. TurboCAD Pro 18 is the latest release of software from IMSI/Design. IMSI/Design ( has long integrated Lightworks technology as the rendering engine within its TurboCAD software.

This new release incorporates Lightworks enhancements offering TurboCAD users greater rendering performance within their application. Lightworks Multi-threading support takes advantage of multi-core processors to speed up renderings, and updates to the integrated Lightworks Author rendering engine include progressive, ray-traced rendering which improves the user’s workflow while also enabling a faster generation of images, says Bo Mayer, chief operating officer of IMSI/Design.

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