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Raidon rolls out new rackmount storage subsystem


Raidon ( has introduced the GearTANK GT7280-8S-U5 rackmount storage solution for SMB [small to medium sized businesses] and department of enterprises.

According to the folks at Raidon, the GT7280-8S-U5 features simple installation, high data transfer rate and large amount of data storage capacity. It can be used in various workgroups of enterprise with expansion capability and it is designed for engineering application, artistic design, audio and video editing and website servers that needed multiplex operation.
The Raidon GT7280 is a standard 1U rackmount JBOD storage enclosure; it expands the data storage capacity limit and with two individual embedded SAS interface to provide up to 300MB/s data transfer rate. The GT7280 is scalable up to 4TB from eight of 2.5-inch 500G HDD. Contact Raidon for pricing options.

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