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QuickerTek’s Little Black Box works on the iPad 2


QuickerTek says their “Little Black Box” ( works for Apple’s newly released iPad 2 as well as the first generation. It’s an universal USB battery pack that allows you to use any AA battery to charge or power your idevice family or virtually any USB powered device.

The unit is compact os you can take it on a airplane, camping or on road trips. With the Little Black Box, you can use 1.2v or 1.5v Alkaline, Carbon or Ni Metal Hydride throwaways or 1.6v NiZinc rechargeable AA batteries, as long as all four AA batteries are the same kind and brand. The internal circuitry compensates for different battery voltages to supply the correct voltage for USB compatibility. Using 1.6v NiZinc rechargeable batteries work the best because they have the highest capacity (mAhr).

If you order by March 18, you’ll receive free “green” ground shipping for St. Patty’s Day. The Little Black Box must be ordered from the QuickerTek website to qualify for the free ground shipping, but many of our resellers have the product in stock as well.

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