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Flashcards for Mac updated, gets price reduction


Independent software developer Christian Kienle has released Flashcards 3.4 ( for Mac OS X (10.6 and higher). The new version boasts some refinements and performance improvements.

Flashcards is a flash card application with an iTunes-like user interface. You can organize your cards in decks, folders and smart decks. Decks can be exported and saved in any place on your hard disk. Each card has a progress indicator so that you see your overall performance at a glance.

Smart decks allow you to specify a set of rules that determine which cards the deck will contain. For example, you could have a smart deck that always contains cards you recently studied and answered wrong.

Flashcards comes with a formula editor. The formula editor lets you create graphical formulas by typing in a LaTeX style text. For example, you can then drop the formula on any card.

What’s more, Flashcards lets you export decks as a series of images directly to iPhoto. You can then use iTunes to sync them onto your iPod or iPhone.

For a limited time, Flashcards 3.4 is available for US$9.99. You can find it in the Mac App Store in the Education category.

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