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MegaSeg update includes over 70 improvements, new features

Fidelity Media has released MegaSeg 5.6. The new version encompasses over 70 improvements and new features including:

 ° iTunes Sound Check volume support;

° A new BPM Tapper with improved accuracy;

° Intro countdown timers accurate to a tenth of a second;

° (Pro) A built-in FTP upload feature to send “Now Playing” data;

° Printing directly from the Logs and Show History reports;

° (Pro) Voice Over tracks are now automatically back-timed into track intros;

° Playlist menu commands to sort by Category, Date Added, and Time;

° A MIDI preset for the Numark DJ2GO controller;

° MIDI controller jog wheels can now scrub the Wave Viewer for analog style cueing;

° (Pro) New Events to start Ambient Playlists and toggle Rules on and off;

° Font and color options for the Category and Playlist Browsers, Logs, Ambient Playlists, and hot keys;

° (Pro) Option to toggle events on/off automatically with the playlist stop/start button;

° (Pro) A Rules On/Off button on the main screen.

The MegaSeg DJ edition offers such features as real-time sound wave viewer for visual beat syncing and cueing via multi-touch Magic Trackpads. Other core features include multiple output channels for headphone cueing, MIDI controller support, large album art, Automatic Volume Control, key-lock, fast search and category system, playlist logging, integrated iTunes Playlists, and full compatibility with protected iTunes audio.

MegaSeg Pro adds advanced features for Pro DJs and VJ,s including video playback and ambient visuals, hot keys for instant sound effects and request lists, in addition to music scheduling, event timers, and separation rules to automate playlists for broadcasters, or background music and messaging for retail and restaurants.

MegaSeg 5.6 DJ and Pro editions are available from for US$99 and $199 respectively, and compatible with any Mac running OS X 10.4 or higher. The MegaSeg DJ edition is also available on the Mac App Store, which is compatible with Intel-based Macs running OS X 10.6.6 or higher. DJ Edition users may later upgrade to MegaSeg Pro for $99. Free demo versions are also available.

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