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Chronos announces SOHO Notes 9, SOHO Organizer 9

Chronos has released SOHO Notes 9 and SOHO Organizer 9, upgrades to these two productivity software products.

According to Robert McCullough, vice president of Development at Chronos, “SOHO Organizer 9 takes advantage of the cloud by letting users easily share contacts and calendars using open standards like CardDAV and CalDAV. SOHO Notes’ new Widescreen View and Tag Explorer make managing lots of notes easier than ever.”

SOHO Notes 9 offers the following new features: a widescreen view, bookmarklets, a tag explorer, geo-tagged note support, the ability to edit externally attached tasks, improved NoteLife syncing and more. SOHO Organizer 9 offers the following new features: CardDAV support for contact sharing, one-step MobileMe calendar setup, nested smart groups for contacts, calendar groups, week view scrolling options (by day/week), a duplicate checker, offline support for CardDAV & CalDAV, automatic postal code lookups, the ability to archive events & tasks and more.

SOHO Notes is a digital note-taking application for the Mac. Customers can use it to capture, organize, sync, and share all of their stuff including text notes, PDF’s, images, voice recordings, videos, forms, and web archives.
SOHO Organizer is a productivity suite consisting of three applications that work together: SOHO Organizer, SOHO Notes, and SOHO Print Essentials. SOHO Organizer helps users increase their productivity by managing their tasks, calendars, contacts, and notes.

A fully functional, 30-day trial version of the products can be downloaded from Chronos’ website ( SOHO Notes costs US$39.99. A family pack is available for $69.99. SOHO Organizer is priced at $99.99. A family pack is available for $179.99.

Registered SOHO Notes customers can upgrade to version 9 for $25. Registered SOHO Organizer customers can upgrade to version 9 for $49.99. See the Chronos website for family upgrade pricing.

Users who purchased SOHO Notes 8.x or SOHO Organizer 8.x after Dec. 1, 2010, will be eligible to upgrade to version 9 of the respective product for free. SOHO Notes and SOHO Organizer require Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later. They’re Universal Binary so run natively on both PowerPC and Intel-based Macs.

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