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iPad 2, iPhone 5 both delayed?


The iPad 2 may be pushed back to June and the iPhone 5 to September, according to sources such as “Fortune” (, “Bloomberg” (, “Reuters” ( and “Business Insider” (

The new version of the iPad that was widely expected to be unveiled in April may be delayed until June, per analysts from Taipei-based Yuanta Securities. Why? “Production bottlenecks” at Hon Hai’s Foxconn factories.

FBR Capital’s Craig Berger to the effect that the launch of the next iPhone may be pushed back from June or July to September. According to Berger, various casing and touchscreen suppliers are still ramping up, some chip vendors have not yet received their orders, and plans for “other sockets like the image sensor” are still in flux.

In other iPhone news, “DigiTImes” ( is reporting that Wintek looks to be the sole touch panel supply for the white iPhone s. In fact, the company may replace TPK Touch Solutions to become the leading touch panel maker worldwide in 2011 as Apple plans to focus on white models for the iPhone 5, the article adds.

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