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iPhone/iPod touch/iPad apps for Feb. 16


Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps. You can find ’em at the Apple App Store (

Warner Bros. Digital Distribution has announced “App Editions” of feature films “Inception” and “The Dark Knight,” giving consumers a new way to own special edition movies with the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.  The “Inception: App Edition” and “The Dark Knight: App Edition” are now available on the App Store. 

The free App Editions provide a fully-loaded, connected viewing experience that gives consumers the first five minutes of a feature film and a portion of bonus content that can include games, trivia, soundtracks and soundboards.  The entire feature film can be unlocked via an in-app purchase, which enables downloading and unlimited streaming, as well as access to the entire array of bonus content available within the app. 

Neon Play has released Traffic Panic 1.0, their latest iPhone game. The game is free to download and has six different street environments. The aim of the game is to control the traffic lights to manage the traffic flow across the highways. Players have to make split-second decisions to keep the traffic flowing smoothly and avoid huge accidents, traffic jams and crashes.

ComboApp has introduced Mountain Bike: Simulator 1.0 for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. This $0.99 game blends 3D graphics and intense action with a first person perspective to throw players into the world of dirt biking. The game includes a variety of different terrains, levels, and fun extras that players can experience.

Logic Consulting has unveiled Drone Master 1.0, an AR.Drone remote control app for the iPhone 4 and fourth generation iPod touch. The $4.99 ap provides users with three new ways to control their AR.Drone. It also includes an expansive LED lighting control.

Dan Russell-Pinson has debuted Stack the Countries 1.0 for iPhone and iPad devices. The $1.99 app is designed to make learning world geography fun with a blend of education and casual, arcade-style gaming. Answer questions correctly and then build a stack of countries that reaches the checkered line. The game includes almost 200 country flash cards and interactive maps of the world so players can brush up on their country knowledge or use them for reference.

Appsplit has developed Swing King. In the $0.99 app, with the help of birds hovering in the sky, the goal is to jump off the swing and see how far one can land. In their quest to be a leading scorer and with a incentive to the crowned king, players will need to download the Swing King, login in to OppenFeint, and start playing.

WTF Apps is offering Cheat Master 5000 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Themed as a sassy talking robot from 1983, the free app serves as a tool for iOS Scrabble and Words With Friends players. Users can import screenshots of their active Scrabble or Words With Friends games directly into Cheat Master 5000. The app will scan a gameboard using Optical Character Recognition, determine the user’s game type, and then present the 50 highest scoring moves. An in-app purchase of $1.99 enables the user to see the top three scoring words.

24/7 Customer, a Sequoia Capital-funded predictive experience solutions company, is presenting an online predictive customer service app, Wow!px, on the iPad as part of its B2B twitter analytics tool, 24/7tweetview. The free app provides “an online customer service experience by predicting and resolving problems online without the need to contact the call center.”

Beautiful Game Studios has rolled out Big Hit Baseball for iOS devices. The $1.99 app lets you pick from 20 different teams and get ready to step up to the plate as you bat and pitch your way through multi-cup and showdown modes to earn cups and team scalps.

Apalon has updated Dream Home, their dream home app for the iPhone and iPod touch, to version 2.0. The $1.99 app features a collection of interiors designed to inspire everyone who wants to renovate a house or just bring some fresh ideas in. As always, all images are arranged in categories to provide the easiest browsing experience. The new version includes new color and style categories, more content and Retina display support.

Antoan Tateosian has announced ProAlarm 1.1 for iOS, an update to his $0.99 alarm clock app designed to help the user wake up by playing games to clear the mind of sleepiness while listening to favorite music, plus quotes to jump-start the new day. The user may choose from five different games to play, iPod music for alarm, 11 different digital and analog clock styles, music mixing wake up, multiple alarms, over 20 built-in alarm sounds, and other optional features.

SpeechTrans has rolled out the updated SpeechTrans app for the iPhone and iPod touch. This $19.99 app offers Speech-to-Speech or Text-to-Speech translation. SpeechTrans allows users to literally talk into their iPhone in one language and then hear the translation back. Facebook voice chat lets you chat with friends from around the world and in their language.

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