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RackMac mini secures two Mac mini servers in a 1U rack space


Sonnet Technologies has introduced its US$169.95 RackMac mini rackmount solution ( for the latest line of Mac mini servers and computers. Designed for the office or for transportable rack use, the unit supports the installation of one or two Mac minis into a 1U rack space.

The RackMac mini manages airflow and provides a front-panel power switch and USB port for each Mac mini. Constructed of steel with a black powder-coat finish, the 11-inch-deep RackMac mini secures the computers behind a smart front panel. For each Mac mini, the front panel includes: DVD, IR sensor, and power indicator slots; a power switch; and a USB port. Pressing each computer’s power button, connecting a keyboard or mouse, or attaching a USB drive is simple.

A padded locking bar holds the Mac minis in place for transportable rack use. Cable tie points allow all cables to be secured, as well. The RackMac mini comes preassembled.

Enclosed inside the RackMac mini, Mac minis keep ambient temperature chill for reliable operation, says Robert Farnsworth, CEO of Sonnet Technologies. The Sonnet rackmount solution’s design prevents recirculation of hot air around the Mac minis, ensuring that cool air goes in a one-way path through the front panel openings to the computers’ air intakes, exiting out the rear, he adds.

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