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Cubetastic is new puzzle game for the Mac


DoPanic Studios has introduced Cubetastic 1.0 ( at the Mac App Store. The $1.99 game plays out as a 3D maze where users guide a light from start to finish by combining and recombining the cells on a cube. It requires Mac OS X 10.6.6 and can be found in the Games category.

Here’s how Cubetastic is described: “Set atop a 3D cube consisting of smaller rotating cubes, users are tasked with navigating a ball of colored light from its starting tile to the designated finishing tile by arranging and rearranging the cube to create a solid path consisting of same colored tiles for the light to cross on. Developed to provide users with a puzzle game that offers boundless challenges and boundless entertainment, Cubetastic is currently available on the Mac App Store on sale for just $1.99 for a limited time only.

“This uniquely structured puzzle adventure requires users to think three dimensionally if they hope to successfully advance within the game from one stage to the next. This progression is immense in its scope as Cubetastic is designed with over 150 sequentially more difficult levels. Players are able to choose from different cube sizes – with larger cubes presenting users with more sophisticated challenges. Different colored light pieces can be used during play while a multitude of bonus tiles give users a variety of items to help them during play. This ensures that gameplay stays fresh and exciting even after repeated plays.”

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