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Macworld: Connected Accounting ERP Software updated


Accountek Solutions announced Connected Accounting & ERP 6.3, the latest updates to their small business accounting software suite, at this week’s Macworld Expo.

Connected has been designed to meet the needs of growing small to mid-sized businesses, providing accounting and ERP features. Version 6.3 includes full integration to NRGShip Pro for UPS, as well as enhanced customer and vendor Actions to improve business workflow and support and more.

Connected users will be able to automatically update freight amounts and UPS tracking numbers will appear as active hotlinks on Connected’s invoice entry screen, enabling front line customer service representatives to immediately determine the status of a shipment from within the accounting software.

With the enhanced customer workflow, accounting staff will be able to add customers “on the fly” and enter orders without having to exit the order entry screen, saving valuable processing time, says Scott Archer, director of Product Development. Similarly, vendors can be directly added from the purchase order screen.

Lot control is essential for manufacturers that produce consumer goods such as cosmetics, food and children’s apparel. Connected’s functionality enables customers to be able to identify each of the components received, how the parts were used in fabrication and the where the final product was shipped, Archer says.

For more info, and pricing, go to the Accountek Solutions ( web site.

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