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MailShoot 2 for Mac OS X works with iWeb, MobileMe


Rage Software has released MailShoot 2.0 (, the new version of the US$69.95 newsletter and mailing list management software for Mac OS X 10.5 and higher. The upgrade lets you instantly create newsletter subscription forms so your visitors can sign up to your mailing list right from your web site.

MailShoot works with iWeb and MobileMe hosted web sites without any additional web site requirements or set-up. With the software, you can instantly publish an online subscription
form that your web site visitors can fill out and sign up to your newsletter.

MailShoot lets you send out personalized email updates and announcements to your entire mailing list — or to segments of your list. It takes away all the hassle in running a complete mailing list for all your important customers, says the gang at Rage Software.

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