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iPhone/iPod/iPad apps for Jan. 21


Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps. You can find ’em at the Apple App Store (

Bostorm has announced Archies Memory 1.0, an iPad game. The US$3.99 app is a turn-based pairs game with additional language learning features. The aim of the game is both entertainment and training the brain for remembering both images and also textual associations. TArchies Memory supports one and two player modes, as well as features a computer opponent with three difficulty levels.

Nexscience has released Alarm Security System 1.0, the deluxe version of their $1.99 alarm security app for iPhone and iPod touch. It’s designed to provide security for your iDevice and protect your valuable private data. While running, the alarm system detects any movement. When the alarm is triggered, a glass breaking sound is played, followed by loud police alarm with rotating bright police lights on screen.

Power App has introduced PhotosMail 1.0 for iOS devices. It’s a $0.99 app that provides an integrated tool for sending multiple photos as attachments to a single email. As the iPhone 4 has a maximum still resolution of 2592 x 1936 pixels, far in excess of any iOS device display, the app offers three levels of scaling to reduce file size: actual, medium, and small. Users may select photos directly from the Photo Library, and email recipients from the Address Book, or addresses may be entered manually.

CineXPlayer, a VLC app for the iPad, has been updated to version 1.6. The $2.99 app lets you play any Xvid movie or TV series without the need to convert them. Anyone can hook up the iPad to external screen and enjoy their movies. Version 1.6 incorporates new features such as SRT subtitle files support, rotation lock and video out function.

3dot5 today has released World Flights 2.0, an update to their flight tracking app for iPhone or iPod touch devices. It offers a ways to access the required info based on one’s specific requirements and provides up-to-date information about commercial flights to and from any airport or based on any given route. Version 2.0 features a refined user interface, aggregated user feedback and more.

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