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‘MacVoices’ looks at iWaveit for iPhone, iPad


On the new “MacVoices” (, the “Road to Macworld” continues as Anders Grunnet-Jepsen of ThinkOptics talks about why they are coming to Macworld to show off the iWaveit for iPhone and iPad.

There are plenty of universal remote solutions out there, even some for the iPhone and iPad, but none quite like iWavit. Going beyond just your home theater, iWaveit can control virtually anything that has remote capabilities. Grunnet-Jepsen offers an overview of the hardware and software solution that lets you take advantage of pre-programed remotes, other users’ creations and even build your very own virtual remote to fit your equipment and how you use it.

The Road to Macworld 2010 is a special MacVoices series produced in partnership with Macworld to preview some of the exhibitors and presentations at Macworld 2011 in San Francisco from Jan. 26-29 at the Moscone Convention Center.

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