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GarageGames buys Torque assets


GarageGames (, a subsidiary of Graham Software Development, has acquired the assets relating to the Torque software division of InstantAction, and will be relaunching the Torque business

The resurrection of the GarageGames brand highlights the new company’s focus on the independent game developer community, according to CEO Eric Preisz. To celebrate the relaunch and return to its “indie” roots, GarageGames has reduced pricing across all its Torque on-line products to US$99 each for a limited time.

GarageGames’ Torque products provide developers, regardless of size or experience level, an affordable way to create high quality games, says Preisz. The Torque line of products includes 2D and 3D solutions for the Mac/PC, iOS, Xbox 360 and Wii. Torque solutions offer features such as editing, rendering, a streamlined art pipeline, web publishing, multiplayer networking, and several state-of-the-art add-on tools.

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