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Syncro Soft releases Oxygen XML Editor, Oxygen XML Author 12.1

Syncro Soft ( has released version 12.1 of its Oxygen XML Editor and XML Author, which contains a set of tools supporting all the XML related technologies.

The upgrade adds new features to the Author editing mode like the smart paste action that automatically converts content from Office suite applications or from a web browser to DITA, DocBook or TEI, improves the XML authoring in areas like reference management, change tracking, CSS rendering support and extends the application programming interface to incorporate feedback from partners which integrate Oxygen  with CMSs or other applications.

On the XML development side the new version introduces the Quick Assist helper to facilitate access to search and refactoring actions plus a number of improvements to the XSLT and XQuery debuggers and to the Relax NG schema editor.

The integrated Subversion client and XML Diff and merge tools include all the features added in Syncro SVN Client 6.1 and Oxygen XML Diff 3.0. The SVN Client improves the information presented in the Working Copy view and delivers better performance of the SVN related tasks and compare operations while the XML Diff provides enhanced diff algorithms to better handle a large number of differences.

Oxygen XML Editor and XSLT Debugger is available immediately in three editions: Multi-Platform Academic/Personal License; US$64; Multi-Platform Professional License, $349; and Multi-Platform Enterprise license, $449. Oxygen XML Author is available immediately in two editions: Multi-Platform Professional license, $199; and Multi-platform Enterprise License, $269.

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