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Some initial thoughts on the Mac App Store

Overall, I think the new Mac App Store is a good idea (as long as it doesn’t become the only way to obtain Mac software) and well implemented, though there are a couple of changes I’d love to see — and some questions that need to be answered.

For one thing, Apple needs to add a Wish List or Shopping list, not to mention gifting to the store.

Also, strange as it seems, your Mac App Store account isn’t linked to your iTunes account. So if I have money available on iTunes, I can’t use it in the Mac App Store.

Perhaps all this integration will come in with Mac App Store 2.0. Still, you’d think Apple would have built on their previous experience with iTunes rather than starting from scratch again.

I also have a couple of questions, which may also point to Mac App Store improvements. Is there no way to transition the apps that you own to the Mac App Store version? If not, do I have to purchase them again if I want all my apps and updates centralized?

Also, what can I do if I buy an app, decide I don’t like it and want to sell it? I can do that with my current (non-Mac App Store) software, but I’m assuming that is impossible with apps bought at the new store. The fact that the apps — so far — are very reasonably priced helps alleviate this concern, but, still, if I buy an app, I’d love to be able to sell it to someone else if I wish.

Finally, it annoys me that neither the iTunes Store nor the Mac App Store’s “Tell A Friend” feature is connected to my Address Book (neither the Mac one nor the MobileMe one).

— Dennis Sellers

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