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‘Maclean’s’ launches ‘Newsmakers’ issue for the iPad


Interactive agency Built by the Factory has partnered with Rogers Communications to bring “Maclean’s,” Canada’s leading weekly print magazine, into a new medium with the launch of their “Newsmakers” issue iPad edition, now available on iTunes.

The magazine’s more than 20 million readers will find familiar favorites and then some, with the ability to flip through pages like a print magazine, access to bonus image galleries, embedded video, an interactive table of contents, an “At a Glance” view of the magazine, as well as bookmarking and saving of articles for future reference. The app is fully integrated with social networks and encourages article sharing with Facebook friends and linking to Twitter feeds, and the interactive “Live Letters” page and “Feedback” feature provide up-to-the minute feedback on the stories and allow users to send feedback directly to the magazine.

You can check out a preview of the app at, and more info can also be found at .

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