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CES: ThermaPak introduces new laptop, iPad cooling products


ThermaPak is introducing new products at this week’s 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The new products are:

° IcePad (US$34.99) – ThermaPAK’s new icePad sleeve brings environmentally-friendly cooling to the iPad using patented HeatShift Technology. The polyurethane cover provides access to all iPad buttons and connections, while keeping the Apple tablet cool. The icePad fits snuggly around the iPad, with openings to plug in a charger, cable or headset. It’s available in translucent clear and black.

° LapSaver ($25.99-$29.99) –The LapSaver features the HeatShift Technology for cooling in addition to offering a sleeve for storage of the user’s laptop. While the laptop is on, it can be rested on the back of the LapSaver to ensure it stays at a safe temperature. When the user is ready to go, the laptop can be slipped into the built-in smooth neoprene sleeve for transport. The LapSaver is available in 14-inch and 16-inch models, both in black.

° LapSaver Neo ($25.99-$29.99) — The pad is designed to be placed under the laptop while in use and provide cooling with out any cords, power, or refrigeration. When done and ready to travel slip the LapSaver NEO into your bag. It’s available in two sizes (14-inch and 16-inch) in cranberry, smoke and blueberry.

° QuickCool ($19.99) — QuickCool pads are made of PVC, a durable material that the folks at ThermaPak say is easy–to-use and store. It’s available in black.
“Unlike any other cooling solutions on the market, we bring down the temperatures of laptops,

ThermaPAK products will become available at, as well as other specialty retailers during the first quarter of 2011. For more info go to .

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