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Andrea Electronics launches SuperBeam computer headsets


Andrea Electronics ( has introduced its new SuperBeam “boom free” computer headsets at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. It’s a headphone that works like a headset.

The product eliminates the need to constantly manually position the boom microphone for proper close talking operation, according to Douglas Andrea, president of Andrea Electronics. With SuperBeam headsets, the user looks more natural during video use, with no fuzzy foam ball out in front of their lips, he adds.

The initial two models are SuperBeam Buds, an in-ear model, and SuperBeam Phones, an over the head on-ear headphone. The headsets come with inline volume and microphone mute control. The headset cable is terminated with standard 3.5mm audio plugs for connection to the SuperBeam systems’ PureAudio USB audio adapter for use with computers or any portable media device such as an iPod for basic audio listening.

The US$49.95 SuperBeam headsets incorporate unique far-field stereo array microphones integrated right into the headphone housing providing a boom-free experience by utilizing Andrea’s adaptive beam forming and digital noise reduction that enables more intelligible audio by forming a beam toward the speaker’s mouth while eliminating unwanted background noises that are outside of the beam, according to Andrea. The products enable a more natural look for the user with open-face convenience during communication, he adds.

The SuperBeam headsets connect to Andrea’s PureAudio USB audio adapter. The adaptor is a High Definition external sound card supporting CD quality digital sample rates. The adapter also enables Andrea’s AudioCommander software suite that empowers the SuperBeam peripherals.

AudioCommander software is an audio dashboard that controls the digital audio enhancements provided by the SuperBeam headset system. The software is compatible with Mac OS X 10.5 and higher.

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