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Built debuts new line of products for iOS devices

Got an Apple? There’s a Built ( wrap for that. The New York-based design company is launching a new collection of sleeves, bags, and cases that custom fit the iPad, iPhone 4, MacBook, and MacBook Pro. The line is debuting at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and will launch in the US on April .

“In the same way that custom-fit clothing helps you look and move better, these size-specific accessories let you better manage your Apple products when you’re on the go,” says John Roscoe Swartz, Built CEO and co-founder. “This customized collection offers consumers the exceptional protection and style they expect from us, now tailored to the way Apple customers live.”

In addition to specialized versions of its signature neoprene sleeves and bags, Built will also debut hard and soft cases for the iPad and iPhone 4 in new materials including polycarbonate and silicone. Go to the company’s web site for a complete product listing.

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