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Oregon school district gives iPod touches to all third graders


The Canby School District in Oregon has issued an iPod touch to every third-grader, reports “The Oregonian” ( Since first implementing a pilot project at Philander Lee Elementary three years ago, the district has used about $250,000 in state and federal grant and rebate money to purchase the Apple gadgets.

In addition, the parent-teacher association at Lee Elementary raised about USS$12,000 to buy 60 iPod touches for the school’s fourth- and fifth-graders, and another parent organization pitched in about $15,000 for 30 iPads at Eccles Elementary School, says “The Oregonian.”

The choice of equipping third-graders first was intentional, according to Joseph Morelock, the district’s technology coordinator. The third grade is the first to take state tests, and administrators are eager to help students pass math achievement standards that have recently been raised, he told “The Oregonian.”

In presentations, Morelock has shown that several classrooms using the iPod touches generated better test scores than the district average. He looks at iPod touches and iPads as unparalleled tools that can be used in nearly every class, according to “The Oregonian.”

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