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Number of households with multiple iPads on the rise


The iPad is so popular there’s an increasing wave of two or more iPad households, according to the YouGov research firm (, as noted by “9to5 Mac” ( ). According to the study of 1,674 Brits, 17% iPad owners say there’s more than one of the Apple tablets in their household.

Thirty-seven percent of iPad owners said their household has multiple iPads because their partner uses theirs. Seventeen percent say yet another member of their household uses their tablet, and 18% say their children use it.

Despite this, 19% of those surveyed are considering purchasing another tablet in the future and 16% are uncertain. Among iPad owners, 71% said they’d buy another of the Apple tablets.

And in another YouGov study of 1,997 British online adults shows that many among them planned ahead to avoid the high-street crowds, instead choosing to go online for Christmas gifts. A substantial minority opted for online “digital voucher,” which, by allowing the recipient “instant” downloads of their chosen gift, aim to simplify the present-buying process even further.

Forty-seven percent said they would be buying Christmas presents online this year. And 27% said that more than half of their Christmas shopping would be done online.

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