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iPhone/iPod/iPad apps for Dec. 17


Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps announced. You can find ’em at the Apple App Store (

Jason Jensen has announced Friend Update 1.0, his new app for iOS devices. The US$1.99 app merges the Facebook and Twitter feeds of up to 30 friends on a page for each friend. Tapping a friend will bring the user to a page displaying that friend’s Facebook and/or Twitter feeds.

Kumquat has released Villancicos Navidenos for iOS devices. The $2.99 was created to offer users a Spanish language alternative to conventional Christmas themed apps, Villancicos Navidenos offers users of any age a chance to experience Christmas Carols sung in Spanish. Each carol is accompanied by original artwork, as well as Spanish text to help users follow along with the apps vocal presentation of each song.

LateNiteSoft has introduced Lab 1.0 for all iOS 4 devices. The $0.99 app allows users to get detailed information about the pictures in their device’s camera roll. You can examine such info ias g histogram, exposure and shooting details, right in the device. Find out the resolution and size of photos, determine when and where a picture was shot and more.

Nanoschool Kids has unveiled Reindeers! 1.0, a $1.99 iPad interactive storybook and sticker app. Designed just for the the Apple tablet, Reindeers! is a game that features moveable stickers, animation, illustrated pages, holiday music and a complete story narration with sound effects.

Mindwarm has debuted AddTo Columbia Gorge 1.0 for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The $0.99 app lets you create your own travel guide from your photos and notes. You can create your own map with the highlights you want, photo album and travel diary. At any time you can add a note or photo to your album. If you have allowed location, then your current location will be added to that note and photo.

Gamez 4 Touch has developed Musical Lights HD for iPad. In the $1.99 virtual light display, users create scenes iby choosing a photo, adding lights, then adding music to the finished display. The display responds in time to the music when the power switch is flipped. Completed designs can be sent to friends from within the app.

ComboApp is offering 3D Coloring Book for Kids: The Gift app for the iPad. Created specifically for the iPad and designed to encourage children’s artistic development, the free app lets users color in a 3D landscape.

Enemra, has presented AsthmaPulse 1.1.0 for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users. It’s a $3.99 tool to help asthmatics monitor and manage their peak flow number, symptoms, triggers and medications and provide the latest news about the disease.

Madman Theory Games has unleashed Dogged Wings: World War II version 1.0 for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices. Using real physics and 3D, the $3.99 app puts players in the seat of an authentically historic plane and in the thick of the action, with its flight simulation capabilities. Players are able to customize their choice of seven planes and choose various weapons to carry out their mission or campaign.

Sunsetter is a new universal iOS app for the iPad, iPod touch and iPhone that will change a daylight image into a colorful sunset like image. The $1 app features nine different styles that include sunset, sunrise and moonlight colors.

VEVO has launched a free iPad app that offers the ability to watch entertainment programming on-the-go. VEVO HD for iPad offers access to VEVO’s entire music video catalog — 25,000 videos from more than 7,500 artists — and exclusive videos, live streaming events, premieres and VEVO original programming.

Fishing Master for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad is now available for free, courtesy of Hudson Entertainment. The armchair angler game features more than 150 different types of fish that can be caught in more than 20 different fishing locations.  Players can catch a target fish from each location, while competing for medals in more than 60 quests. 

Switzerland’s luxury market leader, “COTE Magazine” has published heir new, free iPad application. Now readers of can access their extensive database of back issues featuring top personality profiles, plus insider analysis of the latest happenings and trends. The app offers a searchable database of Switzerland’s addresses, by keyword, location or sector, delivering results listed complete with a brief description, one-click telephone number, address and Google Maps location.

Tiny Mobile has updated Cash Power, their location-aware cash tracker for iOS devices, to version 1.2. In the $1.99 app, every time you log a new transaction, Cash Power queries your location to find out where you are, and includes the global coordinate with the rest of your entered data. With our latest update Cash Power’s location awareness can be used to suggest possible businesses where you’re making your purchase.

Kerubin has announced Decorate Christmas Tree 1.1, a free app for the iPad and iPhone. It includes a tree, differently shaped decorations, a variety of colors that can be applied to each decoration and any size for individual decorations. Creations can be sent by e-mail, shared with friends on Facebook or saved to Photo Album on the iPad, iPhone or iPod.

JeTap has updated GPSNotifier for the iPhone to version 1.4. The updated app ($1.99) sounds an alarm and displays a text message when the user arrives at a chosen location. Relying on Apple’s Region Monitoring, an always-on cell tower positioning system, the app and alarm are automatically activated when the device enters any specified alarm zone. Version 1.5 improvs the GPS accuracy.

Pixels Trade has released Little Father Christmas 1.1, an $0.99 iPad app inspired by the Christmas theme that includes two games for children ages 3-8. Kids can choose between a puzzle and a memory game.

Rapidrabbit has updated appbzr, the free meta-app for iOS devices, to version 1.0. It helps you organize, discover and share apps. Version 1.4 offers interface improvements.

Fidel Lainez has introduced VideoFix 1.1, an update to the $1.99 video processing app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. It allows anyone to process an image from their videos. With this release, VideoFix becomes a universal app, making it compatible with all iOS devices.

Ultim8Soft has updated Christmas Greetings for iOS devices to version 1.1. The $0.99 app sports 217 handpicked greeting messages for the holidays. Users of Christmas Greetings can send any of those greetings via SMS and email, post to Twitter and post them to a Facebook wall.

SolarSpark Productions has rolled out FaceSpy 1.2 for ithe Phone or iPod touch 4, an update to their $1.99 photography app that allows users to perform clandestine surveillance without detection.

Innoblock Japan has updated its kiRay Camera app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users to version 1.3. It’s a photo correction app that lets you automatically enhance new pictures taken with an iDevice and fix photos that are stored in their phone. Completed images can be emailed as an attachment, shared via Facebook Connect or uploaded to photo sharing sites.

Zebrica has served up Knight Defense 1.2.0 for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It’s an update of the game that combines the attributes of tower defense and chess with explosions and amazing glow graphics. It costs $0.99 for the iPhone/iPod touch version and $2.99 for the iPad version.

iLBSoft has updated Relax Melodies Premium Edition for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users to version 2.1. The $0.99 app is a relaxation and sleep helpers, offering a selection of high quality ambient sounds and binaural beats that can be custom mixed for a completely personalized experience. The update adds a clock, alarm, timers, a new system for saving favorites, along with new graphics and animation.

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