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Analyst: iPad to dominate tablet market into at least 2012


2011 tablet revenues will rise to US$24.9 billion, and by 2012 they’ll reach $34.1 billion — and Apple will claim the lion’s share of both, J.P. Morgan analyst Mark Moskowitz says in a note to clients — as reported by “All Things D” (

“Our assumption is that Apple’s dominance will remain firmly intact in the near to mid-term, but gradually, technology improvements and component cost declines will enable the laggards to offer ‘good enough’ solutions to loosen some of Apple’s grip,” Moskowitz says. “Of note, we expect a host of competitive tablets in 2H 2011, following the release of Android 3.0 this coming spring. The upgraded Android operating system should gradually improve the competitiveness relative to Apple’s iOS. Our conversations with industry contacts indicate that the current version of Android does not provide a computing rich experience, which is a requisite of tablets.”

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