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Theme Studio released FileMaker Pro


ISO Productions has released Theme Studio for FileMaker Pro (, a design solution for FileMaker Pro users and developers that contains a suite of tools and resources for helping the FileMaker user or developer in the visual design process of a FileMaker database.

Theme Studio includes access to collections of icons, whole layout templates, layout elements, colors and gradients. it an be used with any version of FileMaker Pro from version 9 thru 11 on both the Macintosh and Windows operating systems. The software runs within the FileMaker development environment itself and does not require the user to exit to another application.

The software allows users to create custom icons quickly (by merging two or more icons), re-color whole FileMaker layouts, start or update projects from pre-designed Layout Themes and add many commonly used layout elements which have been pre-formatted for easy use, says Matt Petrowsky, the developer of the Theme Studio. Users can also acquire new design elements as they are released from a centralized web site.

The Theme Studio connects to a web site and periodically checks for new design related content. Content is provide at various levels of access, including free, bundled and purchased. All content is downloaded via ThemePacks and is stored within a user’s local copy of the software.

The software presents a drag-and-drop method for creating and using many of the common design elements used to develop a user interface within a FileMaker database. A demo version of the software is available.

The Theme Studio retails for US$137 and is available via online purchase and delivery. The demo version is fully functional with some features being limited to the number of uses.

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