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iPad is Most Memorable New Product Launch of 2010


The iPad secured the number one spot as the Most Memorable New Product Launch of 2010 (, a host of equally interesting product introductions garnered consumer attention in this year’s Most Memorable New Product Launch survey. by Schneider Associates, an integrated marketing and public relations agency.

Technology products took five spots, with the Windows 7 coming in a close second to the iPad and compensating for the failure of Vista in 2007. Rounding out the tech trend were Motorola Droid (#4), the iPod nano (#6) and Samsung 3DTV (#8). Quick, low cost breaks were also a theme, with consumers remembering small indulgences in the form of small but tasty impulse purchases like Pretzel M&Ms (#3), McDonald’s Smoothies (#5), and Starbucks VIA instant coffee (#7).

As always, a few innovative and nontraditional product offerings made memorable impressions, with Huggies Jeans Diapers (#9), Kleenex Hand Towels (Tied #10) and the KFC Double Down Sandwich (Tied #10) rounding out the list.

“Every year the Most Memorable New Product Launch survey teaches us about where our culture is headed.” says Julie Hall, executive vice president of Schneider Associates. “From the app-revolution evident in the iPad and Droid, to 3D televisions to tiny touch screen devices like the Nano– consumers respond to and love what’s ‘next and new’ in technology.”

In what may be a sign of an uptick in consumerism, Americans paid more attention to new product launches this year, as only 45% couldn’t recall a single new product launch from memory — compared to 51% in 2009 and 69% in 2008. The last time that consumers had such a high level of recall was 2007, when the Apple iPhone and Microsoft Vista topped the list.

Consumers say “more media, please.” The survey shows that on average, consumers look for 5.62 sources of information about new products, up from 4.89 in 2009, while 18-34 year-olds are seeking out 6.56 sources. Seniors are also seeking more sources of information, up to 4.83 sources from 3.74 in 2009.

Even though television perennially ranks as the #1 source of new product information, paid media does not rank highly when it comes to influencing consumer purchase. People rated free samples (86%), receiving a coupon (82%) recommendations from friends and family (82%) and coupons (82%) as highly influential. This year, couponing showed a significant spike of 10% over 2009, up from 72%.

The online MMNPL survey — conducted by Schneider Associates, Sentient Decision Science and Symphony IRI Group during October — polled a national, census-balanced sample of consumers age 18 and up, and uncovered data related to awareness of new consumer product launches, influential trends, media usage, and purchasing behavior. This is the ninth consecutive year that the Most Memorable New Product Launch survey has been conducted.

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