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GestureWorks 2.0 Multitouch Software Framework sports over 200 built-in gestures

Ideum, a multitouch software and hardware development firm, has updated their GestureWorks multitouch authoring solution to version 2.0, which has built-in support for over 200 hundred gestures.

The GestureWorks software environment provides a standardized approach to multitouch application development in Adobe Flash and Adobe Flex. ActionScript developers can associate gestures with objects and layers as simply as mouse events are handled, according to Jim Spadaccini, director of Ideum.

GestureWorks provides tools Flash and Flex ActionScript 3 developers need to author multitouch applications. A built-in simulator allows developers to test their applications from within the Flash environment.

Along with support for over 200 gestures, the software has an open source Gesture Library that is fully extensible; gestures can be added, dropped or modified. Gestures can be mapped for multitouch or dual touch systems and customized for any number of touch points in a system. Support for additional software components is now standard in GestureWorks 2.0.  

A free collection of user interface and media handling modules and templates from the Open Exhibits software initiative ( is fully compatible with GestureWorks 2.0. Developers can now plug-in an onscreen keyboard, or images from Flickr and videos from YouTube, or even add a multitouch-enabled Google Map. All module elements can be rotated, dragged, and zoomed.

GestureWorks 2.0 is available for Mac and Windows for US$249. A demo is available at: ; a free downloadable poster showing all of the supported gestures is also available on the site.

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