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Apple has four products in TIME’s ‘Best of 2010’ list


Apple has placed three products — the iPad, the iPhone 4, the 11-inch MacBook Air and the Apple TV — in TIME’s “Best of 2010” list, which includes 50 top ten lists in news and politics, arts and entertainment, science and society, business tech, pop culture and more.

The iPad ranks first in the Top 10 Gadgets list (,28804,2035319_2033840,00.html). On the same list the 11-inch MacBook Air is third, the iPhone 4 is sixth and the Apple TV is seventh. Also on the list are the Samsung Google S (number two), Google TV via Logitech Revue (four), Nexus One (five), Toshiba Libretto Dual-Screen Laptop (eight), Microsoft Kinect (nine) and the Nook Color (10).

TIME also listed its top 10 iPhone apps. They are Netflix, Groupon, iMovie, Springpad, Twitter, Dragon Dictation, Petfinder, Hulu Plus, iBooks and Nike + GPS.

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