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AppKit helps you build iOS apps

The new web project myAppKit (, launched by German company Haase & Martin GmbH this week, is designed to enable everyone to build iPhone apps without any knowledge of programming or coding.

The online toolkit offers general tools to customize apps for any usage and different business sectors — for instance, mobile marketing or information purpose. With myAppKit users may build personal apps containing image galleries, like fashion guides or photo albums, apps providing latest news with dynamic RSS feed integration or apps that give information .

During the app creation process users of myAppKit are free to place images, company logos, contact features like e-mail, buttons for telephone call and web links. Integration of map views will help iPhone users getting in touch with a company or a retail store.

There are templates and design options that you may choose from during the app building process. Each self created app contains a personal name with program icon, a splash screen that is shown during program start up and an individual menu page with buttons for navigation.

With myAppKit users mainly combine six different modules that cover all their content. There are RSS feeds, image and text modules, single image pages, picture galleries, map views with local position marks and contact pages with buttons for e-mail, web link and phone call function. Apps, that are generated with myAppKit, run on iPhone 4, iPhone 3G and previous, iPad and iPod touch.

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