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Tools lets you transfer company catalogs, more onto the iPad

MaximumSoft ( has released tools that help to transfer company online catalogs, web sites, and presentations to Apple’s iPad and view them at any time — even when an Internet connection isn’t available.

The tools allow users to download HTML-based materials either directly to iPad, or to their desktop computers and then upload downloaded files to their mobile devices. MaximumSoft Corp. tools include:

° iSaveWeb Pro and iSaveWeb apps that are available in the Apple App Store for US$4.99 each;

° WebCopier Pro ($40), an offline browser that runs on Mac and Windows desktops and whcih downloads web sites and transfers them to the iPad (or iPhone);

° iDreamPublisher ($40), a Dreamweaver extension that publishes sites directly to the iPad.

Customers can use iSaveWeb Pro app to download company online catalogs, web sites, presentations directly to the iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. For greater control over the download process, customers can use WebCopier Pro to download a web site from the Internet to local drives on their desktop computers. Then, they can use WebCopier Pro wizard and upload downloaded site directly to the mobile device. Finally, they can use iSaveWeb Pro app to view uploaded web sites on iOS devices.

Also, web developers can use iDreamPublisher extension to upload website designs from Adobe Dreamweaver directly to iPad for later demonstration on the mobile device.

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