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REALbasic styled text to HTML solution adds embedded image capability

The PandaWare Company ( has announced an update to its PWStyleHTMLField.

In addition to giving REALbasic developers a solution for converting styled text into HTML, the version 1.0.6 update allows embedding images in HTML email messages, and offers built-in Undo functionality. There are also improvements for editing text in Windows and for displaying multi-byte text.

Developers can download a free compiled demo application that demonstrates the capabilities of PWStyleHTMLField. The application, available in both Macintosh and Windows versions, includes complete documentation for the PWStyleHTMLField and its associated classes. It’s available at . Developers can also request a time-limited demo project for testing in their own Real Studio or REALbasic projects.

Licenses for using PWStyleHTMLField in compiled applications are US$50.

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