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Telio bundles Teliophone service with the iPad


Telio ( — a Norwegian telecommunications company that provides VoIP telephony services in Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands –is offering its Teliophone service bundled with the iPad

“Teliophone enables our customers to achieve substantial savings for a number of their calling scenarios and especially when traveling outside Norway,” says Eirik Lunde, CEO of Telio Holding ASA. “For many customers this will be a possibility to substantially reduce the very high roaming costs. This is a new method of distributing Telio’s access independent telephony services.”

The bundle will be launched at the price of NOK 2,995 with a Telio Mini subscription of NOK 159 per month. Through Teliophone it is possible to call any number on the traditional fixed and mobile networks all over the world at prices from 0,- per minute.

Lunde says Teliophone on iPad enables you to use iPad as your household and office telephone, and when traveling Teliophone will allow you to call with a Norwegian number anywhere in the world. For many customers this will eliminate high international mobile roaming cost both for incoming and outgoing calls, he adds.

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