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Can’t make it to Macworld? Loop Business Expo is coming to a town near you


By Terry Jarrell
Apple Consultants Network

Many Mac faithful have long been converging in San Francisco every January for Macworld, but what about those who cannot make the trek across country but still want to take part in a great Mac oriented event? Enter the Loop Business Expo (

While not quite as big an event, the LBE is just getting started with roots in Miami, Florida. The Expo plans to travel the U.S. throughout 2011 on the Loop Business Expo National Tour. Next stop is Dec. 8 in beautiful Orlando, Florida, with the next event in Tampa, Florida, on Feb. 23, 2011.

The expo features more than 50 national hardware and software vendors showcasing their products and services. While primarily aimed at business users, there will be something for users of many levels including workshops, keynote speakers and roundtable discussions. The iZone is focused on iPad and iPhone developers and accessory makers. PC users looking to switch to Macs or integrate more Macs into their workplace will find a wealth of information here as well.

Ok, shameless plug alert — Max Your Macs ( will be featured as the exclusive Apple Consultants Network support service provider in their home area, Orlando and Tampa as well as conduct workshops at both events. Prominent Filemaker developer Camp Software will be on hand to discuss their FM Small Business tools and other Filemaker tools for business.

With dates either already set or in progress for Woodland Hills (California), Boston, Chicago, San Jose and Manhattan there will be much to be gained for attendees. Best of all, registration is absolutely free and there will be great door prizes and more at the events. Come join the fun.

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