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MYStuff update for Mac OS X gets some interface tweaks

Minder Softworks has updated MYStuff (, a “stuff manager” for Mac OS X, to version 1.5. The upgrade improves the user interface, and adds support for all file types, including audio, video, and office files.

Combining features of PDF managers and home inventory programs, MYStuff adds additional features, and gives users a way of filing and finding their information. It makes it easy to file and find information about the things you own, according to the folks at Minder Softworks. You make a new record, and key in what you bought, where you bought it, how much you paid and how you paid for it, warranty information, and other key data. Then you can add an unlimited number of files to the record: a scan of the receipt, photos of the item, a PDF of the manual, and anything else you’d like to add. What’s more, MYStuff’s MYInbox feature allows users to add files to MYStuff from other applications.

MYStuff will run on any Intel or PowerPC Mac running Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later, including Mac OS X 10.6 (“Snow Leopard”). A demo is available from the Minder Softworks web site. A full license can be purchased for US$29. The version 1.5 release coincides with a $10 off promotion through Nov. 30. Enter the promo code “GIVETHANKS” at the online checkout for the discount.

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