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Speck releases CandyShell Grip for fourth gen iPod touch


Speck ( has released the CandyShell Grip for the fourth gen iPod touch. The US$34.95 case is designed for gamers.

“Anyone can make a big bulky gaming case, but we set out to create a case ideal for people that love gaming that would also look and work just as well as their everyday case,” says Bryan Hynecek, Lead Designer at Speck. “The new iPod touch is amazingly thin, so we knew we had to offer the extra grip and comfort gamers would appreciate without compromising protection or style, and without having to take it off when not gaming.”

Ridged rubbery finger pads on the back of the case offer gamers an extra-grippy surface to hold onto their iPod touch during frantic games of Ninjatown: Trees of Doom, while the four bumpers around the front bezel edges help lock in thumb placement over the iPod’s touchscreen so players won’t lose track of where their games’ virtual control buttons are as they strive to get their next win against a foe in Bomberman, he adds.

As a member of the CandyShell family, the case’s cushiony rubberized interior and button covers insulate from drops and the case’s outer hard offers a defense from life’s dings and scrapes. The CandyShell Grip is available in MoonSicle White and DarkLord Black.

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