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Budcase is ear bud keychain for iOS devices


Extended Access has announced BudCase 3 (, an US$12.95 ear bud keychain case for the iPhone, iPad, and mobile music lovers. It’s designed to provide quick and easy access to ear buds anytime, anyplace, anywhere, says Extended Access CEO Chris Dawson.

He says the product was “born out of the frustrating fact that when leaving home, many people simply forget to bring their ear buds.” BudCase 3 uses a compact design to solve this problem. You clip BudCase 3 onto a keychain where ready access to a music lover’s ear buds is made immediately available.

The BudCase 3 is made from synthetic leather and a magnetic fastener designed to make opening and closing it quick and easy. Alternatively BudCase 3 can store two USB memory drives or other small items.

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