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AT&T CEO: we won’t be hurt too much if a Verizon iPhone appears


AT&T Wireless CEO Ralph de la Vega doesn’t think his company will suffer too much if and when a Verizon version of the iPhone is released, reports “Silicon Alley Insider” (

Though he didn’t say that AT&T’s exclusivity with the iPhone in the US is ending anytime soon, this morning at the JPMorgan tech conference, he said AT&T wasn’t too worried because:

° 70% of AT&T’s customers are on family plans, which is a pain in the butt to move everyone over to a new carrier;

° 40% of customers are on corporate discount plans, which are also a pain to let go of.

So just as AT&T has never been able to get more than roughly 40% of each quarter’s U.S. iPhone buyers to switch over from other carriers, it’s unlikely that huge numbers AT&T’s iPhone customers will rush out the door if a Verizon iPhone hits the market, says “Silicon Alley Insider.”

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