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PDF Checkpoint update automates file routing, more

Zevrix ( has updated PDF Checkpoint, an automated PDF preflighting and conversion solution, to version 1.3. The new version automates file routing and report creation after preflighting.

PDF Checkpoint lets users review and analyze preflight results. The program is equally suitable to process hundreds of files as well as single PDF documents.

PDF Checkpoint checks fonts, colors, images and metadata of multiple PDF files and lets users instantly identify potential problems according to user-defined preflight profiles. Preflight profiles let users check PDF for specific attributes, such as image resolution, color model, PDF/X compliance and others. PDF Checkpoint can also route PDF into success/error folders according to preflight results and generate preflight report for each file.

With PDF Checkpoint, you can export PDF pages into TIFF, JPEG and other formats as RGB, CMYK or Grayscale images. You can specify image resolution and scale. You can also split multipage files into single page PDF documents. Users can choose to process all files or only the ones that passed preflight successfully.

PDF Checkpoint 1.3 can be purchased from the Zevrix Solutions web site for US$59.95. Also, it’s currently bundled with the free Graphic Inspector (normally $39.95). A demo is available for download. Checkpoint is available for Mac OS X 10.4.2 and higher.

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