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New Take Control book explains networking

Basic network connections from an iPhone or iPod touch are simple to make, but for those who need to go beyond the basics, whether to understand more fully how to make unusual connections, or to establish connections that are private and secure, there’s the new Take Control ebook, “Take Control of iPhone and iPod touch Networking & Security, iOS 4 Edition.”

The 165-page ebook costs US$15, and it is available now at . In this ebook, readers will learn how networking expert Glenn Fleishman thinks about iOS networking and profit from his explanations and advice on key networking topics, such as the ins and outs of creating secure Wi-Fi connections, exploiting alternative 3G data plans, tethering, conserving 3G data, connecting Bluetooth devices, accessing files stored on local computers and in the cloud, protecting personal data on mobile devices, and using Find My iPhone and other remote tracking software.

The ebook explains how to:

° Make Wi-Fi connections with (or without) security. Readers will also find tips for setting up home networks to best work with the 2.4GHz 802.11n networking found in the iPhone 4 and fourth-generation iPod touch.

° Decide which data plan to sign up for, and limit use of the 3G network to stay within the bounds of the plan. Although Fleishman focuses on AT&T’s plans in the United States, the information he provides is appropriate for all locations.

° Consider an alternative 3G plan for putting various mobile devices on the Internet (in the United States).

° Set up an iPhone as a 3G data modem to provide “tethering” Internet access to a laptop.

° Connect Bluetooth devices, such as headsets and keyboards, to an iPhone or iPod touch.

° Access remote documents wirelessly. Fleishman provides detailed instructions for a variety of file-sharing apps, including Air Sharing HD, GoodReader, Dropbox, and iDisk.

° Control a computer remotely from an iPhone or iPod touch. Specific steps are given for iTeleport and LogMeIn Ignition.

° Protect your data and privacy. Fleishman enumerates what aspects of documents, passwords, and privacy could be at risk should the wrong person gain access to a device or its network communications. He explains how to take preventative actions, and what to do if a device
is lost or stolen.

“Take Control of iPhone and iPod touch Networking & Security, iOS 4 Edition” costs US$15 for the PDF version and $27.99 for the print version.

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