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GSLO funds development of ApplePeel 520 for iPad

GoSolarUSA ( and Yosion have announced a development agreement to configure new versions of the ApplePeel 520 for use with tablet computers such as the Apple iPad.

GoSolarUSA is providing the funding and tablets that Yosion needs to develop the new gadgets. The two companies have worked together closely since signing an option agreement in September. GoSolarUSA signed a profit participation agreement with Yosion last month that entitles GSLO to a portion of Yosion’s net profits worldwide.

“Apple has sold more than three million iPads since the tablet’s release in April, selling over 300,000 on launch day alone,” says Tyson Rohde, GSLO President and CEO. “Clearly, there’s a very large market of tablet users developing here that we believe will grow by leaps and bounds this holiday season. By developing the ApplePeel 520 for the iPad and other devices such as the Amazon Kindle and the Archos 7, we can provide these tablet users with the first must-have accessory for a new generation of computers.”

He says GoSolarUSA is currently hard at work readying the initial version of the ApplePeel 520 for the U.S. marketplace. The device is designed to add voice calling and text messaging functions to the iPod touch, turning it into a smartphone. With the development agreement in place, Yosion will begin the task of adapting the technology for the iPad and similar tablet computers.

“This will be Yosion’s first project working with tablets, and their developers cannot wait to start taking iPads apart,” Rohde says. “We’re absolutely ecstatic to see what functionality they are able to build into the new ApplePeel 520 for iPad.”

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