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Left for Dead game, goodies released for the Mac

Valve ( and its Steam gaming service, has released the Left 4 Dead game for the Mac, along with all the previously released DLC content for the zombie survival action title.

Here’s what Valve has to say about it: “Mac OS X users rejoice, you can celebrate Halloween in style. Left 4 Dead is available for Mac users everywhere. What does this mean for Mac users? You get Left 4 Dead and all the previously released DLC for one low price. Plus, thanks to Steam play you can play in the same games on the same servers as PC users.

“On Oct. 5 we promised the OSX version of L4D by Halloween. Since hell froze over and we actually made the date, we brought back some other updates – ALL THE WAY FROM HELL! These updates for L4D include tank spawns in stasis until a player takes over, no tank slow down while on fire and we turned off auto-spawning in Finales (plus a few more goodies).”

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